Fac Simile Certificato Medico per Acquisto TV: Il Documento Essenziale per Sfruttare gli Sconti!

fac simile certificato medico per acquisto tv

What is a fac simile certificato medico?

A “fac simile certificato medico” is a medical certificate that is commonly required when purchasing a TV in Italy. It serves as proof that an individual requires a special type of TV due to their specific medical condition. This certificate ensures that the individual receives the necessary accommodations and benefits associated with their condition.

Why is a fac simile certificato medico needed for purchasing a TV?

In Italy, individuals with certain medical conditions are entitled to special tax benefits and exemptions when purchasing specific goods, such as a TV. To avail these benefits, individuals must provide a fac simile certificato medico to the authorized retailer or dealer. This certificate validates the need for a specific type of TV that caters to the individual’s medical requirements.

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Important considerations for obtaining a fac simile certificato medico

  • Required Information: When applying for a fac simile certificato medico, it is important to ensure that all necessary details are provided accurately. These may include the individual’s personal information, medical history, diagnosis, and any other relevant information.
  • Medical Professional’s Signature: The certificate must be signed by a qualified medical professional, such as a doctor, who can attest to the individual’s medical condition and the necessity of a special TV.
  • Validity Period: It is essential to note the expiration date of the fac simile certificato medico. Retailers may require documents to be recent, so it is advisable to update the certificate if necessary.


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A fac simile certificato medico is a crucial document for individuals in Italy who require a special TV due to specific medical conditions. It is necessary to pay attention and gather all the required information accurately to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the certificate. By providing this certificate when purchasing a TV, individuals can avail tax benefits and exemptions, ultimately improving their accessibility to suitable electronic devices that cater to their medical needs.

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